Ask Our Experts

Ask Our Air Conditioning Experts

Please find a list of frequently asked air conditioning questions below. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please call our office on 02 8544 0272 or contact us through our online enquiry form.
1What is Inverter Technology?
Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners. The Inverter component allows the outdoor unit to vary its speed and output to match the required capacity of the indoor unit. Thus, the Inverter model can achieve 30% more operating efficiency than conventional models and therefore, is much cheaper to run.
2Climate Control, Get it Right! - What size/kw do I need?
Getting the right kw for the space is essential to ensure the unit air conditions the space effectively while being energy efficient. Below are the three main points you need to consider before choosing your system:
  • How big is the space you want to air condition? If the unit is too big for the room, it will use an excessive amount of unnecessary energy. Similarly, if the unit is too small, it will also use an excessive amount of energy as well as struggle to deal with temperature extremes.
  • Think about the size and aspect of the windows as this can affect the capacity of the air conditioner required. The larger the windows, the greater the chance of heat loss or heat gain between the inside and outside areas.
  • Consider your house's building materials and the kind of insulation they provide. Is your ceiling insulated? Different materials have different heat retention or loss properties and also need to be taken into account.
Arrange for a free quote today and one of our experts will propose a solution to suit your needs.
3What air conditioning brands do you service and install?
We can install most air conditioning brands, however our preferred brands for installation are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Daikin.
4What maintenance is needed for an air conditioner?
Air Conditioning units require regular service to prevent against untimely or expensive repair costs. Regular maintenance or service has many benefits and while it prolongs the life expectancy of the system it also maintains its efficiency, reliability and its effectiveness.
5How long does the air conditioning installation process take?
For a general residential split system, installation would take approximately 4 hours and a basic ducted installation would take 1 day. Times do vary if the installation is more complex.
6What if I am renovating or building a new home?
GT Air Solutions can provide a quotation based on your floor plans - please email them to